In recent years, in order to make more money, thousands of LCMS members, congregations, and even the LCMS Foundation, were lured by Wall Street financial fast-talking charlatans to invest their money in stocks, derivatives, etc. On its March 20, 2010, front page, the Wall Street Journal published an article about municipalities in California who also lost money on Wall Street. The story states, straight out, that the people who represent the municipalities were “no match” to the Wall Street salesman. “Elected officials are simply no match for the investment banker that’s selling the deal.” What was the result? The city of Los Angeles and other California municipalities lost billions. What has also happened to our LCMS people who invested in Wall Street? The millions and millions of dollars LCMS members lost will never be known until the Day of Judgment, plus the $40–100 million  of our members’ money that was forever lost by the corporate investment department of our Synod. Now we face the “fast-talking” Baptist mission consultants. How many members will we lose?